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IT Fundamentals

Dive into IT without the commitment! This introduction into Information Technology and Computer Support will help you decide if IT is right for you. Completion of this course makes students eligible to take the CompTIA IT Fundamental Certification. This course also counts toward credits in our long-term Computer Support Specialist program.

You’ll learn about…

  • Operating systems
  • Installation and configuration
  • File systems & management
  • Network security
  • Commands and scripting

Program Specifics

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Cost: This short-term course is offered free of charge, but space is limited.
  • Always enrolling

Career Outlook

  • Participation in IT fundamentals count toward credit hours in our long-term Computer Support Specialist program
  • Completers of Takoda’s long-term Computer Support Specialist program are eligible for
    • Median wage range: ($21.19- $27.25/hour)
    • Entry level: Computer support technician
    • Our graduates have been placed in…
      • Managed Services Engineer ($20/hour)
      • IT Field Engineer ($29/hour)

Employment Services

  • All students receive employment services and job search assistance through Takoda Works.
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