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GED Opens Up Countless Opportunities for Breanne
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GED Opens Up Countless Opportunities for Breanne

GED Opens Up Countless Opportunities for Breanne

With the help from tutors at Takoda GED, Breanne attained her GED and a higher paying job with benefits.

Breanne, a member of the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe, came to Takoda GED with the goal of a better life for her and her daughter.

Prior to earning her GED, Breanne was in a cycle of working minimum wage jobs, and was passed up for promotions because she didn’t have her high school diploma. “Whenever a promotion came about, they asked for my diploma,” she says. “I was tired of people telling me I couldn’t do something because I didn’t have a piece of paper.”

For Breanne and many others at Takoda, earning her GED would prove to be much more than a piece of paper. After receiving tutoring at other centers, Breanne decided to enroll at Takoda GED because of the small classroom environment and one-on-one attention from tutors. “The structure of Takoda GED was more compatible with my learning style,” says Breanne. “I struggled with English and social studies, but was good at math and science. The tutors customize your learning to what you need. The one-on-one attention and individualized learning helped me to succeed.”

In just 5 months, Breanne had earned her GED. Through tutoring, practice tests, and support from her teachers, Breanne finally achieved what she had been trying for so long to do. Earning her GED opened up opportunities that Breanne had never had before. “I was hired in an office job, earning more, and got a pension plan and 401k.”

Breanne’s advice to students trying to earn their GED is, “go to class and do it. It seems scary, I know the feeling, but just do it. When they tell you the things you have to work on after your practice test, review those things and you can do it. If everyone is telling you that you can’t, prove them wrong!”


Ivy Estenson, Development Coordinator